Subramaniam K. Owusu

I am a software engineer, designer, and photographer. My expertise ranges from product design and development, motion design to community management.

I have worked and engaged brands and organisations like Google Developer Groups (as country mentor for Ghana), CloudPort, Now Available Africa, The Workspace, Nkyea, PRI-UK, iSpace, Negawatt, Booomers, Maza, SOA Foods and many others.

I believe in arts, technology and simple acts of kindness.

Currently based in Accra, Ghana, I run the experiential design firm, Bildx and explore cultures and history through photography.


Data capture and monitoring system

A simple monitoring system that records, analyses and visually(plots on graph) displays data, and send notification messages(SMS) via a GSM Modem. It involves Falcom Samba 75(GSM Modem ) and a microcontroller, arduino that reads and sends recorded temperature values to a web application for analysis and feedback.

Supervisor: Dr. Farid Farahmand | See project

Talks, Codelabs, Media

Getting Started with RaspberryPi

Science Hack Day Accra, 2015

A Whole New World with Robotics

GDays Kenya, 2014